The Role of a Financial Advisor: Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity Breaks Down Key Tasks

As the founder and co-managing chairman at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser understands how important it is to make proper plans for your financial goals. Fluctuations in the markets and dramatic life events can upend our goals in an instant, and that is why preparation is the key to success.

Hauser has enjoyed success in the industry since entering it in the mid-90s, purchasing the predecessor company to Hauser Private Equity. Now anchored in the industry by his success, Hauser has extended advice to potential clients looking to find their own guidance and financial support.

Financial Guidance: How to Find a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are experts in a variety of different sectors and backgrounds. Though loosely defined and not beholden to any one strict definition, Mark Hauser suggests that all financial advisors offer a range of core services to their clients.

Private equity manager Mark Hauser outlines a few key services that all financial advisors should be sure to offer:

Debt Management Programs are essential for clients overwhelmed by debt from a variety of different backgrounds. Advisors can help with credit card bills, mortgages, loans, and other debts.

Strategic Investments are the foundation of future fully stocked bank accounts. Strategic investments require financial advisors to be forthright with regard to risk and timelines.

Family planning can include college funding, retirement planning, and even tax advice. Financial advisors can offer support in these critical areas to help their clients best find success in the future.

Ultimately, financial advisors can be experts in many fields and sectors, though they should all offer foundational services to their clients.

Selecting a Financial Advisor With Mark Hauser

Finances can be stressful, complicated, and perplexing. Life events and changes in the market can cause changes in your portfolio. Finding the right financial advisor can help to overcome the tumult of these changes while adhering to core goals.

Find an Experienced Professional

For clients to find the perfect partner for their financial services, Mark Hauser suggests looking for experienced, certified, and credentialed professionals. Once this is accomplished, Hauser suggests understanding the compensation method of their financial advisor. Advisors who operate on commission will only profit from third-party product sales, while fee-based advisors operate with the fiduciary interest of their clients in mind.

Respect, Clarity, and Mutual Understanding

No matter what, Mark Hauser understands that an empathy-minded advisor can be a difference-maker when it comes time to plan for a successful future. In a financial-based relationship, both parties should operate with respect, clarity, and empathy in mind. Financial advisors should be able to field questions and offer answers without their clients feeling less than others. Advisors should also be able to deliver sound advice, even if it is against the wishes of their clients.

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